Why Do fire Alarms randomly Go Off At Night without smoke?

Why Do fire Alarms randomly Go Off At Night without smoke

It’s Startling Why Do Fire Alarms randomly Go off At Night? Fire alarms are of great value for the protection of your home against fire. This kind of security system detects fire or smoke and informs you about house evacuation. Moreover, it also alerts your security provider to appropriate action. However, it’s annoying when your fire alarm goes off at night without smoke. 

Let’s address the reasons why smoke detectors randomly go off and how to reset them for comprehensive fire protection. 

What Is a Smoke Detector & How Does It Work?

In any home or business fire safety plan, a smoke detector is a significant device that is designed to detect smoke and warn you of fire hazards.

Moreover, Ionization smoke detectors use a tiny radioactive source to ionise the air. Smoke interferes with this ionisation, tripping the alarm.

Most of the time smoke detectors do not execute perfectly and seem to go off for no reason at all. This might be irritating, so you can count on a leading fire protection company N8 Fire and Safety to provide top-conditioning fire alarm systems for residential and commercial properties. 

5 Reasons Smoke Detectors Going Off For No Reason

Let’s dive into a few possibilities as to why a fire alarm would sound frequently and, if it does, it has to be attended to immediately. Therefore, let’s dig into the 5 common reasons a smoke detector keeps going off include: 

1. Accumulation Of Debris

Debris accumulation over time triggers smoke alarms, as dust and other unwanted particles can impede the alarm sensor, causing the alarm to go off without reason, causing the fire alarm to malfunction.

Therefore, to minimise false alarms, regularly clean your smoke alarm with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of unwanted particles that can trigger the sensor.  

2. Fireplace

Living in a fireplace can lead to fire alarms randomly going off. This is because the burning of wood or charcoal produces smoke and triggers the alarm. Additionally, your dirty chimneys also influence the normal working of your smoke detector. 

To avoid smoke, clean your fireplace regularly, make sure the seals surrounding the fireplace are secure, and place your alarm system away from the fireplace.

3. Humidity

Humidity is an excessive amount of water vapours or moisture that can interfere with fire alarm sensors, and lead to unwanted sounds at night. Your smoke alarms can not glimpse between water vapours and smoke. Additionally, the normal functioning of your alarm system can also be affected by moisture. 

Furthermore, showers, humidifiers, cookers, and areas with water leaks are also liable for triggering your alarm. Due to denser particles, humidity can cause false alarms. Here are the following ways to prevent false alarms with moisture control: 

  • Ventilate your home by opening the windows to let out moisture. 
  • To regulate the amount of humidity in your house, use fans or a dehumidifier.

Moreover, if your fire alarm system gets damaged due to the entry of water, it needs replacement, so, contact N8 Fire and Safety to get fire alarm inspection services and replace it if needed. 

4. Expired Batteries

Expired batteries are a common cause of receiving false alarms. When a smoke detector battery weakens, your fire alarm beeps. Additionally, poor connection between the battery and the detector can also trigger false alarms.

Therefore, avoid these issues by: 

  • Changing your batteries at least twice per year. 
  • Always use recommended batteries by the manufacturer.
  • In case of an alarm beeping, check the connection between the battery and the detector. 

5. Harsh Chemicals

Another major cause of triggering the smoke detector is the smell of harsh chemicals and paint fumes. Moreover, these strong odours result in your alarm system going off for no reason. Here’s the information on proper precautions when painting or using insecticides:

  • Proper Ventilation
  • Wear personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Follow manufacturer instructions 

How Do You Stop a Hardwired Smoke Detector From Wrong Beeping?

stop Smoke Detector from wrong beeping

Without a solution, the smoke alarm will continue to beep, it seems like a house alarm gone crazy. Additionally, sometimes, without a battery smoke alarms can continue to sound. To resolve the issue, follow these methods to successfully stop a smoke detector from blaring.

  1. Change the batteries in the smoke alarm
  2. Close the battery drawer for the fire alarm.
  3. Take off the pull tab on the smoke alarm battery.
  4. Dust the dirty sensing chamber of the fire alarm.
  5. Look for variations in the temperature of the smoke alarm.
  6. Acquire more latest smoke detectors

How To Reset The Smoke Alarm?

Smoke detectors are lined into the electrical system with a 9Vt battery for support in case of power loss. Additionally, The smoke alarm sounds to warn that the battery is weakened.

Hence, You should replace the smoke detector battery every six months. Reset Your Smoke Alarm by using the following ways:

Electric smoke detectors can be reset by

  • Turning off the main breaker in the breaker box, 
  • Disconnecting the power cable, 
  • Pressing the “Test” button. 

Battery-powered smoke detectors can be reset by

  •  Removing the battery,
  •  Pressing the “Test” button, 
  • Holding it down for 15 seconds.

How to Prevent Fire Alarms Go Off?

To prevent fire alarms going off, regular checking, cleaning, and testing should be done. Contact N8 Fire and Safety for good fire protection services leads to a good maintenance program. Hence, regular fire alarm maintenance includes:

  • Testing of detectors and sensors for fire alarms
  • Assessing the audibility of the alarm
  • Inspecting battery backup systems and power supplies
  • Check the integration and functionality of the control panel.
  • Maintain Extensive Records of All Fire Alarm Maintenance Operations
  • Handle fictitious alerts and troubleshoot Typical Problems
  • Weekly Checks for Fire Alarm Systems

For your system to properly function, minimise false alarms, and follow safety regulations, we provide you with proper installation, inspections, and maintenance services that are usually performed on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.


Q#1. Can Steam Set Off A Fire Alarm?

Yes, steam can set off a fire alarm. In case of taking a shower or boiling water on the stove, activate the sensor of the smoke detectors and give a warning of fire danger. 

Q#2. Do Candles Set Off Fire Alarms?

No, candles do not set off fire alarms. The function of smoke and fire alarms is to identify smoke from a fire. Additionally, Never is the flame and smoke from a single candle with a suitable flame size sufficient to trigger an alarm.